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  • 11.

    Describe all findings regarding cost of the intervention. (Put N/A if not applicable)

  • 12.

    Describe all findings regarding the financial benefit of the intervention.

    • For point estimates, include units and confidence intervals where relevant. Identify the time of the measures in a way consistent with the description of the design in Q35.

    • For effect estimates, include units and confidence intervals, where relevant.

    • State statistical test, statistical hypothesis, test statistic, p-value, and effect size, as provided in the text.

  • 13.

    Did the design lack statistical power?

    • State your response and then support with information from the publication where available.

    • Do not fear choosing the option of “reviewer not qualified to answer.” We are simply using this response to flag where we need expertise from elsewhere in the group or even external to the group. If two reviewers have selected this option, then we seek expertise from elsewhere in the group, and failing this, use our external consult. If only one reviewer has selected this option, then a consensus answer can be formulated, if the remaining reviewer is highly confident of his/her answer. If not, then expertise should be sought elsewhere in the group or externally if required.

  • 14.

    List findings regarding facilitators and barriers.

  • 15.

    Were any harms of the intervention identified?

    • Please describe.

  • 16.

    Provide any additional comments that you think should be

included in the evidence table about this study. (Put N/A if not applicable)

17-43. Please indicate the presence of the following OHSMS elements, using the Redinger (2004) or Dalrymple, Redinger, Dyjack, Levine & Mansdorf (1998; ILO report) scheme. Use the following code to indicate the presence/absence of an element: “X”, present; “/”, partially present; “-“, not present; “u”, unknown.


Management commitment and resources

Effectiveness of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems: A Systematic Review


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