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Design recommendations refer to specific locations in the Master Plan and are illustrated in this final report.

  • 1.

    Redesign Ponce Circle Park to conform with the historical intention of the original Arts and Crafts section as a more formal and urban landscape with an open air pavilion and pergolas for art fairs and other cultural gatherings. (Parks and Recreation, Public Works)

  • 2.

    Provide City Hall with a civic setting in support of its historic designation: a grand civic green with a market structure; an urban room defined by buildings across the boundary streets on west, south and east. (Development, Planning, Historic Preservation, Public Works)

  • 3.

    Create a grand public space for Alhambra Circle referenced as the “Alhambra Rambla”: diagonal parking and two travel lanes in each direction; a 48-foot wide median with shade trees, beautiful paving, large stone benches and pedes- trian scaled lighting; at the west end shade and flowering trees with a gabled coral rock pavilion; the City salon at the center able to be closed off for civic events; a special design for the east of Ponce aligning median trees and enlarging Pitman Park. (Development, Public Works)

  • 4.

    Develop a master streetscape plan for all Downtown and North Ponce streets to enhance the city as a Garden City, with an emphasis on pedestrian comfort as fol lows: maximize sidewalk width; add shade trees to increase tree canopy; mini mize vehicular lane widths; maximize on-street parking; preserve commercial/retail visibility; access and accentuate mid-block crossings; design aesthetically pleasing lighting; select plant material types to relate to street scale; and promote increased urban open space in safe, accessible areas. Encourage the use of innovative design and planting techniques, including structural soil, to insure survivability of plant material. Develop four generic approaches (kit of parts) based on the variety of existing rights of way and conditions as follows:

Begin with Aragon, Andalusia and Valencia Avenues.

  • a.

    Widen sidewalks; narrow travel lanes; trees on the sidewalk.

  • b.

    Maintain sidewalk and travel lane dimensions; trees on the sidewalk.

  • c.

    Maintain sidewalk and travel lane dimensions; trees in the parking lane.

  • d.

    Maintain sidewalk and travel lane dimension; arcades, pergolas, trellis

awnings over sidewalk. (Public Works, Planning, Public Service)


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