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wireless communications, to completely blind monitoring systems with an as-needed HMI (Human Machine Interface) connection for configuration and information. Multiple displays can be connected concurrently without degrading system performance or interrupting basic machinery protection functions.

Software Configurable

Virtually every aspect of the 3500’s operation is software configurable, resulting in the most flexible Bently Nevada monitoring system ever offered and in easier spare parts management. Unlike previous systems, a single 3500 module type can be configured for a variety of functions rather than for just a single function. The following list represents just part of the 3500’s numerous configurable


Transducer type and scale factor

Normal thrust direction toward or away from probe

Alarm delays Transducer OK limits Full scale value

Trip Multiply factor

Filter corners Integration (velocity to displacement, acceleration to velocity)

Engineering Units

Alarm Setpoints

Latching/non-latching alarms

Normally energized or de-energized relays

Recorder output clamping value Timed OK / Channel Defeat enabled/disabled Proportional value assigned to recorder output Relay voting logic


The 3500 System can easily fit twice as many channels into the same rack space as previous monitoring systems. This results in lower installation costs by saving valuable cabinet space and spreading common components, such as displays, communications gateways, and power supplies, across more channels for lower per-channel costs.

Internal and External Terminations

Previous monitoring systems have always incorporated field wiring connections on the back of the rack. The 3500 System offers this conventional approach with our internal termination option. However, the 3500 system now offers an innovative

external termination option that allows field wiring to go to external terminal blocks. These blocks can be mounted where access is more convenient, such as on a cabinet wall, and less congested than on the back of each monitor module. The external terminal block then connects to the monitor’s I/O module using a single pre-engineered cable, resulting in neater, more easily serviceable installations.

Conventional internal terminations is shown above, where field wiring terminates directly to connections on 3500 I/O modules.

(?) Higher Integrity / Fault Tolerance

The 3500 System is the first system offered in the Bently Nevada product line that the user can configure with varying levels of redundancy. This ranges from simplex modules to dual power supplies to a full TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) configuration in which monitor channels (and optionally, transducers) can be triplicated participate in a 2-out-of-3 voting scheme using special relays. This allows the 3500 to be used in safety instrumented applications that cannot tolerate false and missed trips under any circumstances, whether from a power supply, a monitor channel, or a transducer or the result of electronic failure or human error.

Even without redundancy, the 3500 system represents the most reliable monitoring system we have ever offered. It incorporates numerous self- monitoring functions that can identify faults in the monitor modules and their connected transducers, annunciate and identify problems via appropriate error codes, and suppress channel operation automatically when a failure could compromise correct operation of the system.

The 3500 System stores configuration in two separate locations in each module’s non-volatile memory. This redundancy allows the module to

Specifications and Ordering Information Part Number 162096-01 Rev. F (03/07)

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