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machinery auto-shutdown circuit and should be used for general annunciation purposes only.

Keyphasor Inputs

The 3500 System can accommodate up to four1 Keyphasor transducers per rack by installing two 3500/25 Keyphasor modules in a rack2. Each 3500/25 is a half-height module that provides power and termination for up to two Keyphasor transducers each. When applications require Keyphasor transducers, simply install a single 3500/25 module. Keyphasor signals from the 3500/25 module(s) can be routed to appropriate monitor modules via the 3500’s rack backplane for use in speed, phase, tracking filter, and other measurements.

Notes: 1. When more than four Keyphasor transducers must be used in a single rack, contact the factory for details regarding special modifications available. 2. When two 3500/25 modules are used, they must be installed in the same rack slot, one above the other.

Communications Gateway

With an appropriate Communications Gateway module in the rack, installations can digitally transfer selected status and current value data to process control systems, historians, plant computers, and other relevant systems. The Communication Gateway modules support a variety of industry-standard protocols and users can install multiple Communications Gateway modules in a rack when the system requires redundant communications or must support multiple communication protocols simultaneously. The modules do not interfere with the 3500 System’s normal operations or machinery protection functions, ensuring that the monitoring system integrity is always maintained, even in the unlikely event of a Communications Gateway module failure.

The Communications Gateway supports both Ethernet and serial communications media, allowing a variety of wired and wireless topologies. Communications are bi-directional, allowing selected data to be sent to and retrieved from the 3500 System. In addition, when installations use Ethernet to connect the Communications Gateway to process control or other systems, multiple computers running 3500 Configuration Software and/or 3500 Operator Display Software can reside on the same network. This

eliminates the need for separate connections between the software and the RIM.


The 3500 System provides the most flexible display options ever offered by the Bently Nevada product line as summarized in Table 2. Multiple displays can be combined as needed to meet specific requirements for local and remote indication of rack statuses, measurements, and alarms.

Specifications and Ordering Information Part Number 162096-01 Rev. F (03/07)

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