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    For this mounting option only, the Display Interface Module (DIM) must occupy slot 15 (right-most slot) of the rack.

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    With the use of a special external power supply, the display can be located up to 1219 metres (4000 feet) from the 3500 System.

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    It is recommended that the display be located within

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      metres (25 feet) of the 3500 rack., as the video driver circuit is optimized for this range. Lengths above 25 feet will degrade the picture quality. When an extension is necessary, a special KVM Extender is available. However, even with the KVM Extender, there will be some reduction in picture quality. Typically, the picture image will still be acceptable. The KVM Extender must be used indoors, and it is not rated for use in hazardous areas.

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    Distances greater than 4000 feet are supported when Ethernet, rather than serial communications, is used between the rack and the 3500/95 display. Wireless Ethernet can also be used.

Intrinsic Safety Barriers or Galvanic Isolators

For applications where the transducers are located in a hazardous area, the 3500 System can be used with internal or external intrinsic safety barriers. However, the 3500 option for internal safety barriers is generally preferable to external barriers because this option saves cost, requires no extra cabinet space, and needs no additional wiring. Internal barriers improve safety because the connections are pre-wired, reducing the possibility for errors introduced by wiring additional external connections between monitors and barriers. Internal barriers also improve quality because, unlike external barriers, they require no special monitor scale factor calibration to compensate for voltage drop across the barrier. For additional information on 3500 internal barriers, refer to datasheet 141495-01.

For those that prefer the use of galvanic isolators to address intrinsic safety requirements, pre- engineered external galvanic isolators and an appropriate housing are available. For additional information on 3500 galvanic isolators, refer to datasheet 141714-01.


The 3500 System is intended for continuous, permanent monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machinery in a variety of industries. It is specifically designed for use in auto-shutdown machinery protection applications that require extremely high reliability and availability. Machine types addressed by the 3500 System include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial gas and steam turbines in power

generation and mechanical drive service

  • Aeroderivative gas turbines in power generation and mechanical drive service

  • Hydraulic (Hydro) turbines in power generation service

  • Compressors (air/process gas, radial/axial, centrifugal/positive displacement)

  • Turbo Expanders

  • Electric motors and generators

  • Exciters

  • Gear boxes

  • Pumps (centrifugal and positive displacement)

  • Fans

  • Blowers

  • Reciprocating compressors

  • Extruders and pelletizers

In addition, GE’s Bently Nevada Custom Products engineering, can often address special requirements for custom configuration of an existing monitor type or modifications to a standard monitor type. Contact your local sales professional for further information.

Features Digital and Analog Communications

The 3500 System features separate, concurrent digital communication capabilities for connection to:

  • System 1 machinery management software using Bently Nevada proprietary protocols via Ethernet connections

  • Process control and other plant automation systems using industry-standard protocols via the 3500’s Communications Gateway module

  • Bently Nevada condition monitoring systems via pre-engineered Data Manager ports which interface to an appropriate external communications processor such as TDXnet, TDIX, or DDIX

  • 3500 Configuration and Display software

In addition, analog (4 to 20 mA and relay) outputs are available for connection to older plant controls that cannot support digital interfaces.

Note: Although not a required component of the 3500 System, relays are strongly recommended as the appropriate way to interconnect the 3500 System in auto-shutdown applications. Analog (e.g. 4 to 20 mA) and digital (e.g. Modbus) connections are intended for operator annunciation and trending purposes and do not provide the fault tolerance or integrity necessary for highly reliable machinery shutdown purposes.

Highly Flexible Display Options

Displays can range from local units mounted directly on the rack’s front panel, to remote displays using

Specifications and Ordering Information Part Number 162096-01 Rev. F (03/07)

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