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Song/Finger Rhyme: Did Horton Hear A Who? - Song Tune to “Old McDonald Had A Farm”

Did Horton hear a duck, ei, ei, o…ei, ei, o… ei, ei, o Did Horton hear a duck? Quack, quack.

Repeat with cat (meow), dog (bark), sheep (baa), cow (moo), pig (oink), horse (neigh), Did Horton hear a who, (yes, yes)

Hold up a toy animal or stuffed animal of each of the animals listed above as you sing the song about that animal and make the animal sound.

Directions: Read the children the story “Horton Hears A Who” and then have them make an elephant puppet and then sing the song above holding up their elephant puppet each time they sing the name Horton. (Teacher will point at her elephant puppet each time she sings Horton)

Teacher will need to print out the elephant puppets, there are two on a page, have the children color the elephants and then tape them to a jumbo craft stick to make an elephant puppet.

After the song print out the large elephant picture and have the children color the elephant.

Art Project: Cat Wearing A Hat Read the children the story “Cat In The Hat”

Print out the large cat face shape and the large hat shape, and the round circle (cats face) onto white heavy paper such as cardstock paper. Use these three shapes as a pattern and cut out each child one cat face shape, one hat shape and one circle from white cardstock or white construction paper.


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