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Have the children paint the cat’s face shape black and then have the children paint the cats hat red and then set these aside to dry.

While their pictures are drying have the children make their cats face by using the white round circle have the children glue on two google eyes, a small round circle of black paper for a nose and 4 long skinny strips of black paper for whiskers and then after their black cats face dries have them glue this white cat circle face right into the center of the black cats face to make the cats face, then have them cut out two strips of white paper and glue them to the hat to make the cats hat and then have them glue the hat onto the cat to make a cat wearing a hat. Tell the children this cat is wearing a hat too, just like the cat in the story we just read about!

Learning Time: Sort The Fish Read the children the story “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

Teacher will need to print out the fish cards (black and white fish, six on the page), print these onto different colors of cardstock paper, such as red, blue, yellow and white cardstock paper.

You will need four paper plates and three sheets of cardstock paper, the same colors that you used for the fish and cut out a red, blue and yellow circle from the cardstock paper, you can use the circle from the cat in the hat art time (as a pattern) to cut out the circles that you need.

Tape or glue one of each colored circle (red, yellow and blue) to each one of the paper plates, one paper plate will not have a circle taped to it as it is already white (unless your using colored paper plates then you would need a white circle) and the children will match up their fish by color the paper plates.


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