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Cut the cards apart and place into a small cloth bag or a small pillowcase, have the children take turns picking one card from the bag, have them hold up the fish and tell you what color fish they caught from the bag. Have the children match up the fish to the matching colors on the paper plates and drop the fish onto the paper plate that that is the same color as his/her fish .

Letter/Number Time: Apple Circle Game Read the children the story “10 Apples Up On Top”

You will need: White cardstock paper, apple file with circles on it, circle stickers and die.

Optional: two milk cartons (cardboard ones)

Directions: Print out the apple file with the circles on the apple, you will need one apple print out per child. You will need a jumbo die or you can make the die.

To make the die: you will need two cardboard type milk cartons, cut the cartons in half, and discard the tops (the part you pour from) from both cartons, then push the two cards together, open ends together, push in firmly, cut out some squares the same size as the milk carton and glue on one square to each side, write one number onto each square 1 - 6

Math Game: After the story have the children play a fun math game. They will take turns shaking the die and whatever number they shake is the amount of circle stickers that they will put on their apple, teacher will help them count out the circle stickers (if they need help) and then they will stick the circle stickers onto the small circles on their apple. The first child to fill their apple wins!

You should be able to find circle stickers in Wal-Mart in the office section or any office supply store.


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