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3. Role of volunteer

* Pay the participation fee (very important)

* Keep the motivation during the program

* Follow all agreement

* Respect the local culture

* Be responsible to their own belongings and themselves

* Behave and work properly

* Keep the roles

* Be involved in the local community

* Make the report for receiving and sending organization

* Cooperate with partner organization and sending, hosting organization

* Help new volunteers in returning to home country

* Have evaluation with local member

* Self management of free time

4. Role of local people

* Be nice and friendly to the volunteers

* Understand the different culture of volunteers

* Find local needs

* Maintain security, peace, in community

5. Role of sending organization

* Recruit and train the volunteers

* Provide information to everybody

* Select the volunteers

* Introduce past volunteers to new volunteers

* Make pooling of past volunteers and ask them to help with new volunteers with same project

* Evaluate the project

* Take care of the volunteer during and after the project.

* Have responsibility after sending volunteers

* Visa support (for application)

* Provide information about arrival date, time

* Provide emergency contact persons for family of volunteers

Financial aspects

There are different financial systems according to the organization. Especially about the volunteers cost like food, accommodation, transportation, etc it is better to ask the local partner to cover. Hopefully, the volunteers then can concentrate on the program more seriously.

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