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* Local people gain new skills and knowledge

Case study:  Succeeded work and failure work


* In one of agriculture project in Nepal, after the work, villagers were satisfied with the result and volunteers grew up more and learnt many things during the project.

* In one of teaching projects, small institution of school found the project was helpful and the local partners were happy to see the students could enjoy the program and had good times with the volunteers. Furthermore, since the location of the school was nearby to the Buddhist temple, foreign volunteers got chance to earn Buddhism there. (A teaching project in Thailand)

* IWO organized summer camp for kids with some foreign volunteers joining in. It was nice to have the international color. The participants were very happy.

* NICE had a social work with handicapped people followed by high motivated of volunteers.


* In Thailand, the volunteers were ready to teach in the class, but then the school was not ready to have volunteers in their schedule. The teachers were too busy with them selves, they couldn’t care the volunteers and volunteers couldn’t concentrate in their project.

* In Hokkaido, one of the projects of NICE was helping organic farmer to cultivate their farms. The works were too hard because volunteers had to work from 5 AM until 5 PM to grow radish. The problem aroused when they had to harvest the radish. The market had a strict rule on the size of the product. And since the radishes were too big for the market, all were cut and thrown away. It made the volunteers got upset and didn’t get any satisfaction from the work.

* From the beginning of their coming, volunteer of teaching project in Indonesia hoped that she could start the project as soon as she arrived in the country. But it was holiday times so she didn’t have work to do. She was so upset because of it even new project to replace the teaching was prepared for her.

*Too many volunteer gave up their projects on the way because they couldn’t do good jobs, lack of communication, don’t feel interesting or the other reason. GW tries to change mind. This was because of the information on the website is not exactly same as situation.


 Volunteer program should be divided into two aspects, of course, one is doing the  work, and the other is to study about the theme of the project. And these two elements should be related together. Then it will cause better fruits hopefully.

 There are many things for volunteers to know like the background and situation of the projects, the situation of local areas, different opinions toward the projects, local language, local culture, etc.

What kind of study part can be done by local partner for volunteers?

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