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B-6. Life


You do not need to prepare very special accommodation for volunteers. Normal life with minimum standard of accommodation in the area is enough, as long as the volunteers live there healthy. Providing private room for them is preferable since LMTV program is long and volunteer need to have some private time to keep their mental health. The type of accommodation will be as follows:

*Home stay:

Home stay is very good opportunity to for volunteers to know local life, culture, customs also for host family to exchange. Also, it is good that volunteers do not need to worry about their food everyday. But the relationship between host family and volunteers are very important to stay there for a long time.

* A room with the facility

A room with the facility where the volunteer is working (like school dormitory, a room of orphanage, etc) is also preferable. This is good to make better communication with host organization and they do not need to worry about transportation.  On the other hand, the time of volunteers tend to be monotone and they need to have time for refreshing sometimes.

* Vacant house or apartment

Living alone and independently is a good way. Volunteers can have private time.  On the other hand volunteer tends to be isolated from local community.


The host organization needs to provide meals 3 times a day to the volunteers. In case of home stay, host family takes care of the meals. Or, if it is not possible to share meals in the project, an amount of money should be available for the volunteer to arrange the meals by themselves. You do not need to provide alcohol or other personal luxuries.


Insurance is an important requirement for both the volunteer and the project. If something serious happens to a volunteer, for example permanent disability, it is essential that the volunteer is properly insured. The project, the volunteer, or even the receiving organization, can not get into an extreme financial problems if the volunteer is not covered by insurance.

We ask all volunteer to have insurance in their home country which will also cover the volunteer while s/he is abroad. Some volunteers also buy personal travel insurance for their trip. However this insurance is often inadequate, for example it might not cover accidents while working. So, if there are any proper insurance for volunteer, then take it.

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