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B-7. Orientation for volunteers

Orientation is needed in various ways for the volunteer. When a volunteer arrives in a foreign country to work for a long period of time, s/he will have adjustment problems to the new environment.

Many things are new for the volunteer; the project (work and people), language, social environment, etc. Questions like – how much things cost, where to find shops, where to meet other people, how does the public transport system work - are commonly asked by volunteers. It takes time to find answers to all these questions and it would be helpful to the volunteer if there are people who understand and are ready to answer these questions. The volunteer needs an introduction to the practical aspects of living in a different country closing times of shops, eating habits, rules and behaviour, etc.

The orientation for volunteers is usually held right after the volunteer arrives in your country. The aims of orientation are

1)  To make good relationship between your organization and volunteers

2)  To tell the volunteer about the project, the culture, language, etc

3)  To share the aim of participation and the goals of the project

Some organization organize Orientation regularly as a group (like from every first Monday of months) and some other organize Orientation whenever the volunteers arrive.

Orientation for volunteers should include:

*Introduction of the Local culture

* Introduction of the Receiving organization

* Explanation about the facilities in the project (living conditions)

* Expectations of the volunteer and local partner on the project.

* Explanation of the free time.

* Explanation of the emergency situation and how to handle it (information about hospital, fire, police address should be in the information sheet.)

* Explanation of Self management

* Presentation of previous MTV experience

* Comment book (suggestion box)

* Safety

* Health management

* Personality presentation (+/-)

* Morning: Introduction

* Afternoon: more dynamics explanations/ experiences  

The term of orientation might depend on the system or condition of your organization. Some organization do for half a day, some do for 1 week.

As a case of Orientation, please see  

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