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B-8. Care for volunteers during the program

LMTV program is long… and many things happen when they are in programs. Organizer need to grasp the situation/ condition of volunteers as much as possible. Also, whenever they are in trouble, we need to support them somehow.  

In this section, we are thinking about how we can support them when they are in programs. Also, we are thinking the way of keeping volunteers motivation until their program finish.

Support for Volunteers

By living in a completely different situation you are confronted with yourself as a person. A volunteer may find it difficult to understand the people around him/her, not only their language, but also why they behave and say things in a certain way:

When the volunteer is introduced to the project there needs to be an explanation of what is being done at the project and why. The volunteers should also to get introduced to fellow-workers. Time should be allowed for the LMTV to get used to his/her office, to the language, to the structure of the organisation, and have access to training where this is necessary.

Things volunteers want to be cared

* Home sick

* Food, health and accommodation

* Misunderstanding (work, culture, receiving organization)

* More private time (privacy)

* Love

* Extending visa

* Worry (sickness, culture)

* Getting tired of the project

* Language

Case study: When volunteer got sick and had to pay very expensive money to go to the hospital, what should the volunteer do ?

Volunteer supposed to pay first and they will get the money back from the insurance. But sometimes, volunteers do not want to go to the hospital because they don’t have enough money. Still it is very difficult problem to solve.

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