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B-9. Evaluation  

Evaluation is necessary process to measure the fruits of the program and to improve the program next time.

Volunteers and host organization makes different comments and evaluation each other. So, evaluation should be done with both sides, volunteers and host organization so that we can make a equal evaluation.

In this section, we are going to think the good way of evaluation and the way to make use of the evaluation for the future.

1. Evaluation with local partner

 How and how often

* Regular phoning, with quite often in the beginning and it will be less often if the volunteers have been settling and also depend on the situation and problems..

* Middle term evaluation (form and it is done face to face)

* Evaluation form (middle and final evaluation)

* Final evaluation ( face to face and together will be better)

When should the final evaluation be done?

* Mostly done after the project ends and later on they send the evaluation for the volunteers. Volunteers filled up the form of evaluation and face to face talk for middle term evaluation.

2. Evaluation with volunteers

Satisfaction from the volunteers

 * Such as facilities, best and worst memories, expectation before the project, meet the

expectation or not, food and accommodation, what do the volunteers think about the

project, host organization, works, enough work or not, free time and work, expectation

and reality.

Personal development

Did the volunteer want to continue the project, did the volunteer gain new knowledge and skills, Positive and negative points, What did the volunteers learn from the project, was the prospect and works done match, what do the volunteers want to plan for the next project.  


Did the volunteers need more help from the local partners, did the volunteers feel the

work too hard or too easy, do the volunteers have any comment on the project, benefit to the local community

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