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Motivation letter  

Motivation letter is important for all of us. Organizations can know how much he is motivated and if his motive is proper for the program. Applicant can think of their motive or program through writing it.

In case of NICE, we ask following questions;

1) Why would you like to participate in this program? (Your main motive)

2) How do you plan to contribute to this program ?

3) What do you hope to learn and gain from this experience ?

4) How will you make advantage of this experience for the “next step” in your life and or NGO?

5) Do you any experience before in voluntary service or work?

And when you receive it, read it carefully and if the answer is not enough, then ask them to write it again.

Also let’s think if we need add some other efficient question to the application form and motivation letter.


There are some projects that are more demanding than others. There are, some LMTV programs that demand stable, self-assured and well motivated volunteers. These projects require a very careful application and selection process, with good information and communication with applicants. Interview on the phone or even face to face interview is useful to check it also their language skill.

An Introduction period.

Volunteers should have an introduction period for one or two months, after which both the project and the volunteer can decide whether they want to continue or give up the project. If there is an agreement about a trial period, it should be clear to both the volunteer and the project that this may mean that s/he will leave early if things do not work out as expected. Sometimes a MTV starts by doing a workcamp which counts as his/her trial period.

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