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C-3: Rights of participants

This chapter addresses issues which are important for your organization, host organizations and volunteers as it mainly focuses on the rights of participants in long term projects. However, it is equally important that volunteers understand their duties in a project and keep to the agreements which are made (eg. working hours).

To avoid conflicts about the rights and duties of volunteers we recommend that conditions are written down on a paper between the host organization, your organization and the volunteer. If problems arise, people can refer to either the contract or written statements.

Let us think what basic rights of participants are.

Rights to have a place to stay in safely.

Rights to get sufficient food and drink.

Rights to know about aims, goals, finances of the program

Rights to have sufficient health care.

Rights to have creative idea, opinions and thoughts on the way to do the projects

Rights to have free and private time

Rights to have a good relation with local partner, local community, receiving and sending organization.

Rights to tell the opinion, complain and suggestion freely and openly.

Rights to have nice project.

Rights to feel happy and enjoy the project.

Pocket Money

There are some organizations providing volunteers with some pocket money. But some others do not. Please be aware of this condition and state it in the info sheet clearly to avoid any problem in the future.

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