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C-4: Duties of volunteers

1. To pay the participation fee.

2. To keep the motivation to do the project alive.

3. To follow the agreement between volunteer, sending organization, receiving organization and local partner.

4. to be responsible with their own belongings and their selves

5. To work and behave properly.

6. .Keeping the roles of volunteer.

7. To build a good relationship with the community.

8. To cooperate with the receiving organization, sending organization and local partner.

.9. Making a report for the receiving organization, sending organization and local partner.

10. To manage the free time and schedule by themselves.

11. To help other new volunteers after the coming back to the home country.

12. Follow the law (international, national and local), and respect the local norms.

C-5: Case study

           * when they want to give up

One of volunteers who stayed in one of the orphanages wanted to give up on the way because he couldn’t get used to with the basic accommodation, foods and health care given by the local partner.

The first week of his staying, he got really stress with the sanitation, facilities, food and accommodation. Then he got sick for 2 week because he couldn’t eat the meals provided by the host family. He would like to go back to USA very soon, because he thought he would never make it.

The receiving organization took him to the hospital and moved him to one of the volunteers’ house. The volunteer kept motivating him that he could make the project and that once he could survive in bad condition it meant that he would be able to survive in any condition. Also the sending organization keeps in motivating him that he should have stronger courage than before. Also, the receiving organization informs the situation to the sending organization and asks the organization to keep in contact with the volunteer.

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