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* when they want to change the program

If the volunteer wants to change the program, for example from education program to environment one, or from doing voluntary work to travel what can the receiving organization do?

First, the receiving organization has to evaluate once more about the local need. Of course the volunteer can’t change the program if the new program doesn’t meet the local need. But if there is a correlation between the new program with the local needs, then it would be possible to add some more activities on the program in order to achieve the best result.

On the other hand, when a volunteer changes his/her mind from doing voluntary works to do travel, it is batter to contact the sending organization and ask for an advice. In the time being, personal approach to the volunteer can be useful. And when the receiving organization couldn’t get any solution, than the best way is t remain them about their first motivation and let them to think clearly on what they really want. Receiving organization can only pursue that the volunteer can change his/her mind. Talk to the sending organization will also useful.

    * when they want to extend their staying

In case of desire to stay longer, a volunteer who suppose to stay 6 months only in the project, because of she really likes the program and gets very close with her students, then she decided to extend her stay. The problem aroused because there is an applicant waiting to replace her. What should the receiving organization do?


Informing the sending organization that the volunteer want to stay longer.


Evaluate the result of the project whether it is useful for not to have the volunteer in the project site.


Ask the opinion of the local partner about the volunteer, the project, the result and the possibility to host the volunteer longer.


Ask the volunteer the motivation and the reason why they want to stay longer.


See the possible opportunity of having better achievement of the project.


Discuss further with the sending organization, local partner and new volunteer about the matters.

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