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D) Communication among organizations

D-1: Project information

Partner organizations start to make advertisement and recruiting volunteers with this project information. We should put at least the following items on the project information.

* Project Code/ name/ Date (term)

* Category of the project (Envi, Agri, Child, Educ, etc)

* Number of volunteers

* Background of the project,     * Concrete work

* Accommodation and Food

* Place and Terminal

* Qualification (if it is needed)

* Additional information

Concrete information fascinates volunteers!


NICE/LM 02   Ichikai  (Tochigi)   ENVI/ AGRI/ MENT  1vol.

From May. for 6 months

Background: Host organization is Monyongoro village, a group home, where mentally disadvantaged live and work together. This group is not only working for social works but also community planning, promoting organic farming, and for the environment. In addition to these main works, they organize variety of events and projects, like African library, cartoon library facilities they have. Through these activities they aim to develop and maintain the kindest village in world. They expect volunteer to bring fresh air and involve many local people in this group home.

Work: Organic farming, planting, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, to make organic vegetables Blue-berry, reviving abandoned rice fields. Forest works, cutting grasses, branches, and trees. Taking care of disadvantaged people, and making good communication with local people.

Accommodation: A building of Munyongoro village. You will have your own room. Pocket money of 20,000 yen per month.

Location: Agricultural countryside, about 100 km north of Tokyo. The population is about 12000.

Terminal: From Tokyo, about 3 hours by train and bus

Qualification: Speaking some Japanese, interested in social works, cooperative, kind and open mind. Speaking Italian or Garman is welcome! (since they can speak Italian and German)

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