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D-2: Application process

The application process

1.When an interested applicant contacts your organization, check the vacant seat of the project.

2.Ask the applicant to fill in and send the requested application form, motivation letter, as well as CV and at the same time charge the applicant the application fee.

3.Check the application form and motivation letter and see if the applicant is motivated enough and if there is any serious points to apply for the program.

4.Set an interview with the applicant and ask volunteer's motivation, independence, ability to cope with stress situations, get an impression of the applicant's personality etc., and things need to be considered. Face to face interview will be better if time is available, but phone call can also be sufficient. This time you can also decide to refuse the application if the motivation is not strong enough.

5.Send the application form and motivation letter to receiving (partner) organization by FAX or e-mail.

6. Wait for the answer from the receiving organization. In the time being, the receiving organization will ask the local partner if they want to accept the volunteer or not.

7. Keep asking the answer from the receiving organization. If the volunteer is accepted, the receiving organization will send the acceptance letter. Pass this letter to the volunteer and ask them to send the confirmation back within 2 weeks together with the flight information..

8. The receiving organization makes and sends the information sheet and document for visa if necessary and sends them to the sending organization for the volunteer.

9. Sending organization send all documents to the volunteers together with report from past volunteers of the same project, if there is any.

10. Set the training for the volunteers before departure.

11. Departure.

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