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D-4: Information sheet

Volunteer needs a lot of information to prepare for the program in advance. Detail information like how many children are there in the program, what should they bring, what kind of injection do they need to take, etc.

Info sheet can help them a lot about things that they should prepare and do before the projects. Information to be written in the info sheets are:

Background: introduction about the organization, local partners, local culture and situation of the local partner, the way of life.  

Work: what kind of work to be done, aims of the works, timing, and reason why the work should be done.

Role of LMTV: what can the volunteer can do in the project.

Life: local community, accommodation, transportation, foods, health care, etc.

Tentative Schedule: schedule that can be use to make draft plan for the volunteer on the project.

Area: meeting place, location of the project,

What to bring: materials and documents needed during the stay in the project.

Program address: the address of the local partner where the volunteer works with as well as the receiving organizations address.

Emergency Contact: clear address, name of the contact person, phone number, fax, and email that can be contacted any time it is necessary.

Extra activities: optional activities that can be done by the volunteer beside the main works, for example cultural exchange, sight seeing, learning local language, etc.

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