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D-6: Confirmation form and Flight schedule

Confirmation form

Confirmation form is a form sent by volunteer to the receiving organization through sending organization to confirm that s/he will participate on the project.

If the volunteer does not show up or volunteer cancel his/her participation right before the starting date, we suffer big damage… So, we usual ask them to confirm volunteer his/her participation in advance.

Confirmation form is sent at the latest of 2 weeks after the Acceptance letter is received by volunteer. This is very useful to prevent if the volunteer cancel their participation, then the receiving organization will have time to find new volunteer to replace.

Sometimes, volunteer needs too long time to send the confirmation form back, so please ask before that the volunteer should send the confirmation back with the limitation of the time.

To summarize all the processes, we can see the circle as follows:


Receiving organization sends the Acceptance Letter for the volunteer through sending organization.


The sending organization will pass it to the volunteer.


Within 2 weeks after receiving the acceptance letter, volunteer has to send it back to the receiving organization as a proof that the participation is confirmed.

Here is the example of the confirmation form that can be used.

Example:   The Confirmation Form  

Please fill out and send by e-mail to ; LM@nice1.gr.jp  

OR by post to ; NICE  2-1-14-401 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 JAPAN

I hereby confirm my participation with the agreement to

"The Conditions of Participation".

Camp code

Name of Volunteer


Place / Date


Michel Jackson


NOVI SAD 30. AUG. 2004.

 (If decided, please fill in)  * Your e-mail address:    kekass559 @yahoo.com                                        Your plan * Leaving your country on 11   /09    / 2004   

* Arriving at Japan: Airport NARITA  , Time 10 :  00   Date 12 / 09 / 2004   Flight no.: LH 714        

* Leaving Japan   : Airport NARITA , Time 11 : 25 Date 09  / 12 / 2004   Flight no.:  LH 9791       

# If you join a workcamp outside Japan , the above arriving/ leaving country is that county.

Hobby (    sewing, singing                                                   )

Special skills (                                                                              )

Present Occupation (  student of architecture                              )

Any message to the local hosts, people, workcampers:    see you soon!

D-7: Vacancy Announcements

Vacancy list is useful for partner organizations to know the possibility of application. It

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