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A-3. The merits and weakness of LMTV

It is important for organizations to recognize what are the good points and difficult points of LMTV and make use of these analyzes for making program.

Strong points of LMTV

For Volunteer

* LMTV has Interesting and various projects

* LMTV as a way of discovering experiences, exchanges skills and limit

* LMTV as a challenge for volunteers.

* LMTV as a way to build self-confidence of volunteers more.

* LMT V as the close contact with the representative of other cultures, other languages.

* LMTV as the way to learn how to life in a basic condition

* LMTV to gain skills and do more for the society.

* Volunteer is offered a unique possibility to witness all the current dilemmas of hosting country

* Job training (due to the increasing of unemployment)

 * Possibility to travel on their day off

For host organization (Local partner)

* Support the development of local communities

* Long experience with volunteers that enables to increase the network

* Volunteers are cheaper than professional

* The motivation of MTV volunteer is higher than short term ones.

* More works to be done than short-term

* Cooperative local partners and people

* Better integration between volunteer and local community

* It stimulates awareness of social roles and responsibilities

* Motivate local volunteers to work with MTV for hosting organization

For both

* Because the term is longer, it is easy to understand local people deeper.

* Bigger opportunity to experiences, new ideas, etc

* Bigger opportunity to provide real situation about education and culture, life and people

* Bigger chance to develop and promote voluntary service

*The opportunity to mix and match the needs of hosting, sending, volunteers, local partner and community

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