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The weak points of LMTV

For volunteers

* Difficult to keep motivations

 * Difficult to get job after projects because they left the job for quite long time.

* Boredom can set in.

* Local partners expected too much from volunteers.

For both

 * Different way of life

 * Financial difficulties of longer stay

* Too much time to prepare the projects.

* The project depends more on personal skill, character, ability, and capacity

* Different thoughts that will cause wrong actions

* More expensive than short term volunteer.

For host organizations (Local partner)

  * Volunteer can do less works than professionals

  * Bad facilities from host family

  * Perception of cheap workers (misuse of volunteers)

* Non educated or non professional people (volunteers) are doing work

* Less efficient than to have a local volunteer (in case of international volunteers)

Opportunity (means the opportunity to do LMTV project)

* Many young people change their ways of life

* Increasing of the retired people, potential needs

* More holidays since some government tried to reduce the working hoursespecially in some European countries.

* The social status of volunteer is getting higher

* More awareness from the people toward global issues

* People are more interested in NGO

* LMTV is easy to be introduced in a new culture and later on can be used to find a job.

* Air ticket is getting cheaper and the use of student card for discount.

* Experience of past participants who gave feedbacks to new participants and can promote LMTV and impact to the society.

* The increasing problem because of globalization and they need the volunteers help.

* Some governments need to minimize the budget, so they cut some departments that later on volunteers can help to do it,

* People do not help each others

* Environmental problems

* Difference of poor and rich are setting bigger

* Many vacant places

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