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The Range

The Excel Apodys range of industrial rectifiers/battery chargers is available as standard from 400W to 90kW in 1-phase input confi- guration, and up to 450kW in 3-phase input configuration.

Flexibility for Customised Solutions

Excel Apodys is fully adaptable to customers’ power protection needs. A full range of additional options is available enabling us to tailor solutions for diverse industrial environments:

  • 12-pulse rectifiers,

  • DC distribution,

  • isolated DC/DC converters,

  • up to IP65 external protection,

  • parallel configurations with 50% or 100% battery,

  • battery Management system,

  • EEx battery protection boxes…

For long-lasting power interruptions

, Excel Apodys can be

designed to operate with extended battery autonomies: up to 72 hours autonomies provide permanently secured industrial processes.

Excel Apodys chargers are also available with 400VDC output. This configuration allows us to combine this range with the Exond Apodys inverters range in order to design specific high ratings double conversion AC UPS systems (up to 500kVA).

Advanced Battery Care

Excel Apodys is fully compatible with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed or vented.

A programmable battery test evaluates the efficiency of the entire battery.

Tests on individual cells are achieved by employing our latest Battery Management system option.

Battery cabinets matching the DC-UPS system cabinet can be offered, regardless of the required autonomy. This allows a homogeneous UPS system within technical rooms.


The Apodys family is fully compatible with LIFE.net, Chloride’s remote monitoring service, which provides:

  • continuous real time UPS monitoring,

  • regular transmission of an operating status report,

  • UPS performance analysis,

  • power quality monitoring to analyse mains disturbance trends.


Leading technologie

Excel Apodys applies the latest Digital Control technology to control the 6-pulse thyristor-bridge rectifier. The embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP) processes signals by up to 10 times faster than stan- dard analogue methods. The result is improved process reliability and enhanced safety for personnel, even in the harshest operating


The innovative modular assembly allows us to satisfy the most deman- ding international project schedules.

The product design affords easy front-access to all vital modules of the system. As a result, maintenance times are significantly reduced.


Excel Apodys provides lasting secure power architecture for your industrial applications through:

  • natural ventilation on most of the range,

  • continuous operation at full load in a permanent 40°C ambient temperature,

  • system lifetime of at least 20 years in continuous operation conditions,

  • robust mechanical design (vertical and horizontal acceleration stress up to 0,2g as standard).


Excel Apodys uses intuitive mul- tilingual digital graphic control, meaning system status, measu- rements and alarms are acces- sible from the front panel of the UPS.

The embedded ‘Event Log’ function allows the user to trace the last 100 events. Event memory is activated from the first event appearance on.

RS232, RS485 and voltage-free contacts allow the monitoring of UPS on SCADA systems

Excel Apodys protects DC powered electrical equipments of heavy duty applications, such as:

  • oil and gas offshore and onshore,

  • refining, petrochemicals,

  • power generation, transmission and distribution,

  • transportation (rail, aeronautic)…

Secure Power Always

In order to reach the highest level of business continuity, Chloride offers a range of maintenance plans, which will:

  • help deliver reliability to your load,

  • increase the lifetime of your power protection equipment,

  • optimise your capital expenditure,

  • provide risk management at a fixed cost,

  • provide a pro-active approach to disaster recovery.

For more information please contact your local Chloride sales office.


Delegate your power management to the experts.

Technical data

Ratings (A)

16 25 40 60 80 100 125 160 200 250 320 400 500 600 750 1000 1250 1500 2000 2500

1-Phase input 1x110VAC 1x230VAC

24/48/110/120/220/240 VDC

3-Phase input 3x400VAC

24 VDC 48/110/120 VDC 220/240 VDC

Input Nominal AC Input Voltage

Input voltage tolerance Nominal input frequency / tolerance Rectifying technology

1x110 VAC (120 VAC) 1x230 VAC (220, 240 VAC) 3x400 VAC (3x380 V, 3x415 V) ± 15% 50 Hz (60Hz) / ± 5% 6-pulse bridge as standard for 3-phase input (12-pulse upon request)

Output DC voltage Rectifier output voltage stability

Rectifier output voltage ripple Boost mode current limitation Insulation resistance

24 / 48 / 110 / 120 / 220 / 240 VDC (other voltage: please consult us)

< 1% (in float mode, 0 to 100% load step, input within voltage tolerance) < 1 % RMS 0 , 1 C 1 0 ( L e a d A c i d b a t t e r y ) / 0 , 2 C 5 ( N i c k e l C a d m i u m b a t t e r y ) 1 0 M , 5 0 0 V D C

General data Operating temperature (°C) Relative humidity Operating altitude Cooling

External protection Internal protection Lock Painting Dimensions

Rated power available from 0 °C to 40 °C in permanent operation conditions < 90% non condensing 1000m (without derating) Natural ventilation on most of the range. (fan-assisted for ratings above 1200A) IP 20 as standard (others available upon request) IP 20 Steel locked door Grey RAL 7035 textured semi-gloss According to ratings and options - see technical specification

Standards Compliance CE directives US Standards

IEC 950, 439, 146, 529, 726, 62040-1,-2,-3 73/23/EEC-LVD , 89/336/EEC-EMC Manufacturing following UL, ANSI, NEMA, IEEE standards is available upon demand

Options Rectifier




12-pulse rectifier (for 3-phase input), harmonic filters, ripple filters, higher ratings, Higher ratings, other output voltages, special Mains… Battery protection box, Battery Management System, matching battery cabinet… Parallel configurations, DC/DC serial regulator, isolated DC/DC converter, DC distribution… Up to IP65 external, top cable entry, other painting, anti-seismic…

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