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ATTACHMENT 1 General Description of the Order Receipt and Trade Assignment of the Inverlat Clearing Member (Sinlat)

Services and Systems

In order to maintain the highest standard of service, Inverlat’s clearing member institution offers trading members and their clients access to a system developed in-house called SINLAT, through which they can place orders and assign trades, manage accounts, generate reports and settle positions, among other functions. In addition, in support of clients, it also offers consulting services in the areas of risk, financial engineering and systems, at no additional cost, and respecting the existing relationship between clearing members and their clients at all times.

The flexible credit policy adopted by Inverlat’s clearing member institution allows a client that has deposited its margins for trading futures and options contracts to perform trades on the same day the brokerage contract it signed. When requesting lines of credit for margins, a maximum of one week is required. Table 2 contains a general listing of the modules offered in the SINLAT system.

Table 2. SINLAT Modules for Clearing Members

Movements of cash and securities

Look up cash and securities account balances contributed as margins. Record deposits and withdrawals from this account, and debits or credits the checking or multitran account against the clearing member’s account

Price report and lookup

Allows account executive to find latest prices traded on the floor

Order input

Records and shows transactions performed, shows the status of orders and conditions on which it was established

Order request and confirmation

Automatically receives orders input by account executives, allows authorization of orders to be executed on the floor and changes their status. If necessary, allows for manual cancellation and confirmation of orders.

Assignment report and lookup

Shows trades performed on the trading floor and the results of automatic assignment

Order lookup and report

Shows orders from the clearing member based on negotiation date, and if assigned, shows the price, trade number, whether it was opening or closing position, and the unified account number

Position lookup and report

Shows open positions a client maintains with a clearing member; also indicates the valuation of positions based on the last market price and allows prices to be input for valuation assumptions

Screen Client update

Position file generation

Transaction file generation

Allows users onscreen lookup of information on all the open positions of a clearing member and all its clients; can also create an Excel file with this information Allows users onscreen lookup of information on all the transactions by a clearing member and all its clients on a given date; can also create an Excel file with this information


Control information on each client, its trading limits, and its relationship with the clearing member

Balance lookup and report

Shows information on the clearing member based on the largest accounts

Payment and charges Shows margin requirements or withdrawals from clients’ excess margins

lookup and report Position risk

Shows the open positions of a client and its risk exposure according to Inverlat parameters

The SINLAT system functions as follows:


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