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Automatic Order Flow Process

  • Orders are input by the salesperson of the trading member in Inverlat’s routing system

  • The system validates the client’s trading limits and verifies that they have the funds necessary to perform

the transaction

  • Orders are routed automatically to the trading floor at the booth corresponding to each trading member

Automatic Trade Assignment

  • Once the trades are input from the floor, they are automatically assigned by the Inverlat system.

  • With the results of the assignment, the clearing member confirms the information to ASIGNA through the

exchange’s SIVA-Futuros system.

Account Management System

  • A system developed by Grupo Financiero Inverlat for trading on the Mexican derivatives market (MexDer).

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Graphic, user-friendly interface

  • Flexible, adaptable solution

Lookup and Report Screens

  • Information on daily activity

  • Trading limits

  • Total gains and losses by client

  • Positions by client and trading member

  • Lookup of cash and securities balances by client

  • Lookup of margin calls

  • Lookup of excess margins

Automatic End-of-Day Process

  • Position valuation

  • Margin requirement calculation

  • Valuation of collateral

Commission Calculation Process

  • Calculates commission to be paid to trading members

  • Calculates commissions to be paid to ASIGNA

  • Calculates commissions to be paid to Inverlat

Clearing members may access the system’s services from their own offices, through one of two connectivity options:

Modem Connection

  • Using a computer modem

  • Normal dial-up connection

  • Cost is only the use of the line

  • System response is not rapid

Connection with DSL

  • Using communications equipment at the Trader end and at Scotiabank Inverlat

  • Acquisition of a dedicated service line, at a cost of US$3,500.00

  • Allows various machines to connect from the network of the clearing member

  • Vary rapid system response


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