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Account number (securities): City and State:



The Trader States:


That its representative(s) have the necessary faculties to legally bind it to the terms of this contract and that these faculties have not been limited, suspended or revoked in any way;

  • I.


  • I.


That it has the necessary capacity, technical and material elements to bind itself to the terms of this contract;

That it has an agency and service contract with Scotiabank Inverlat, S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple, Grupo Financiero Scotiabank Inverlat, in the administration of trust no. 101776 (hereinafter, the “Clearing Member”), by virtue

of which it has the faculty to perform the transactions the client instructs; and


That it has familiarized and supplied the Client with all the necessary information on the rights, obligations, terms and conditions to which it will be subject in entering into Futures and Options Contracts on MexDer, Mercado Mexicano de

Derivados, S.A. de C.V. (the Mexican derivatives market, hereinafter known as the “Exchange.”)


The Client states:


That it wishes to enter into a contract of adhesion (hereinafter, the “Adhesion Agreement”), joining the CONTRACT of trust no. 101776, administered by Scotiabank Inverlat, S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple, Grupo Financiero Scotiabank



That the information and data contained in the above General Information Section, are true and current as of the date this contract is signed;


That it knows the “Rules governing corporations and trust that participate in the establishment and operation of a market

for exchange-listed futures and options,” issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Banco de Mexico, and the National Banking and Securities commission, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on December 3, 1996,

and its modifications (hereinafter, the “Rules”), the “Prudential provisions governing transactions by participants in the exchange-listed futures and options market,” published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on May 26, 1997, and its

modifications (hereinafter, the “Provisions”), and which the Trader has made available to it through the media established for this purpose by the Exchange, the Exchange Regulations, the Exchange Operating Manual, the

Regulations of the Clearinghouse, and the Operating Manual of the Clearinghouse;


That it agrees that in circumstances not mentioned in the Rules and Provisions, common business law, bank, market and mercantile practice, the Civil Code for the Federal District, and the Federal Code of Civil Procedures, shall supplete

these Rules and Provisions;

  • II.


  • II.


That it knows and accepts the terms contained in the General Contract Conditions for Futures and Options Contracts.

That it was given a copy of the document that describes in general terms the order receipt and assignment system used in trading by the Trader, and that it accepts the terms and conditions stated therein. This document is attached to this

contract as Attachment 1, duly signed by the Client;


That it is aware of and accepts the limit positions for entering into Futures and Options Contracts on the Exchange which are established by the Clearing Member which may be less than or equal to those contained in the General Contract

conditions, and that it therefore acknowledges and accepts that the Trader is not obliged to perform any transaction in excess of these limits, on the understanding that the Clearing Member may modify them at any moment at its own



That it received corporate information from the Trader, as well as the information prospectuses on the Futures and Options Contracts. These documents are attached to this Contract as Attachment 2, duly signed by the Client;


That it acknowledged that it has been provided with an explanation for and accepts the fact that by the nature of the transactions covered by this Contract it is not possible to guarantee any yield, and that the transactions are subject to


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