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Getting started: Find a location & set your goals

  • Location, location, location

Determine where you want to hold your food drive and if you want multiple collection locations. Make sure your collection point is in a highly visible and popular spot, as you want as many people to notice the drive as possible. For example, if you are collecting at school, consider the entrance, the cafeteria or the student lounge. If the food drive is at your workplace, prime collection points may be your lobby or lunch room.

    • Setting goals for your food drive By setting ambitious yet attainable goals, your group will be motivated to meet its target. Some food banks provide trucks for food transportation if you obtain a certain amount of donations. If that is an option, factor that number into your goal. You may want to also set your goal based on your community size and amount of need.

  • Promoting your food drive

Before starting your food drive, spread the word as widely as possible. Start with handing out posters and fliers, making announcements at school or work or putting an insert in your religious group’s bulletin.

Write a press release about the food drive and contact your local weekly or community newspaper and other news organizations. Ask them to help promote the food drive, or to come take a picture of the donations as they are delivered to the food bank.

And don’t forget the power of social media and electronic communication. Facebook, Twitter and other tools are great ways to spread information in your community. E-mail and blogs can also help you promote your event.

As you publicize the activity, be sure to mention who is holding the food drive, what foods and materials are needed and where and when they are being collected. Let people know the last day that food will be accepted. You should also include contact information of organizers.

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