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Holding your food drive: Ideas for success

N ow that you’ve got your plans down and are ready to start your food drive, you’ll need some ideas on how to increase participation and get people motivated. Luckily, APHA’s Get Ready campaign has collected the best pointers all in one place to help you out.

  • Make it a competition

Competitions excite people, so make your food drive a contest. If you’re holding the food drive at your school, make it a competition between grades or homerooms with the winner earning a pizza party or other recognition. At work, you can pit departments or floors against one another.

  • Incentivize your food drive

Incentives can also fuel your food drive. If it’s at your school, offer discounts to things like sporting events, dances, homecoming or even prom by donating to your cause. If it’s at a place of business, talk to your human resources

Work with a grocery store

department to see if you can offer workers a casual dress day if they contribute to your food drive.

Get in touch with your local grocery store and ask if you can set up a donation site at the store. Your donation site could be inside the store or next to the entrance. (Just make sure it’s located somewhere that shoppers can see it.) • Fill a bag with food You can encourage people to give more by asking them to fill a bag. Provide paper bags with instructions on what is needed and where and when to return filled bags. Pass out the bags at community events and locations. Pass out shopping lists of things the food bank needs to customers as they enter the store. Also, ask if the grocery store will make a contribution. For example, the store might donate money, food or gift cards for every $1,000 worth of groceries they sell that day or for every 100 pounds of food you collect. • Matching donations Another way to drive contributions is through matching donations from businesses or individuals. For example, a partner or supporter might agree to donate $50 for every 100 pounds of food you collect. If you secure a commitment, you can also use that to promote the food drive. Mention the matching donation challenge on your posters and fliers to drive up participation.

  • Skip a meal and raise money for the food drive

Get your friend or colleagues involved by asking them to skip a meal and donate the money they would have used to buy their meal to your food drive. Even if they choose not to skip a meal, it may motivate them to make a donation.

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