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Your emergency preparedness stockpile: What you need to know - page 25 / 28





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Clues for emergency preparedness crossword puzzle


  • 1.

    Store one gallon of this per person

  • 4.

    These are fun things your family can

play to pass the time

  • 5.

    Blowing on this will make a loud sound that could help someone find you

  • 7.

    This will help you find your way if you get lost

  • 10.

    This will help you be able to see if the electricity goes out

  • 11.

    You can cover up with these to keep warm when you go to sleep at night

  • 14.

    You'll need this to open any canned foods

  • 17.

    This contains bandages, gauze and other items to take care of someone who is hurt

18. Each family member should keep a list of _____ so they can call their emergency contacts


  • 2.

    If you have a battery-powered one of these, you'll be able to listen to the news and other updates

  • 3.

    We change our clocks for this twice a year and it’s a good time to check your emergency kit

  • 6.

    Adults can use these to start a fire or light candles

  • 8.

    You'll need these to power your radio and flashlight

  • 9.

    You use this to pay for things you need to buy

  • 10.

    This is something similar to a cold that people often get sick with in the winter

  • 12.

    Use this to figure out which way is North, South, East or West

  • 13.

    Make sure you don't forget food or medicines for these furry friends

  • 15.

    Your family should talk and make a ____ so you know what to do in case of an emergency

  • 16.

    Washing your _____ is a good way to avoid spreading germs that can make you sick

17. Pack a 3-day supply of this for each family member so you don't get hungry

For more tips on creating your emergency preparedness stockpile, visit www.getreadyforflu.org/clocksstocks


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