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Use the buddy system to create a less expensive stockpile

Another good option for saving money is to look for deals at bulk grocery stores. The only catch is you may end up with more than you can store. To solve this problem, think about partnering with a neighbor or friend and building your kit together. This way, you both will be able to take advantage

of discounts by splitting your purchases.

As an added benefit, partnering up with someone else is also a great opportunity to talk about your family’s emergency preparedness plan and make sure that you are doing everything you can to be ready for emergencies.

Save more with these Get Ready stockpiling tips

Make sure and stock the right batteries

Don’t stockpile rechargeable batteries in your emergency supplies, emergency experts advise.

While rechargeable batteries are an economical choice for items you use every day, they can lose their charge when left unused for long periods in storage.

To make sure that your emergency flashlights and other supplies are ready to go when you need them, stockpile only regular batteries.

Still need more ideas? Try some of these money-saving tips:

  • Don’t know what to do with those napkins and plastic forks and

spoons you receive at fast food restaurants or with your take-out food? These freebies make great additions to your emergency supply kit.

  • Free condiment packets such as mayo, ketchup, jelly or taco sauce

can add some flavor to meals during an emergency. Expiration dates vary and aren’t usually marked on the packets, so throw them out after a few months or if they are punctured, become hard or are rancid.

  • Go veggie! You can save a bunch on your stockpile by bypassing

meat products and loading up on canned veggies and fruits. Canned beans are a great option, as they are filling and pack a lot of protein.

  • Take a tip from your grandparents and grow and can your

own food. A few dollars of seed packets can yield enough canned tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans to last you for months. Look for canning information and supplies online.

For more tips on creating your emergency preparedness stockpile, visit www.getreadyforflu.org/clocksstocks


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