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Preparedness tips: Emergency supplies for your pets

It’s important to remember your whole family when preparing for an emergency and that includes your furry and feathered family members. Your pets need supplies too, and they can’t pack their own. A little planning can help your pets remain safe and happy until an emergency is over.

How can pet owners be prepared for emergencies?

Prepare a stockpile of at least three days of food and bottled water for your pet. When choosing food to pack in the supplies, include your pet’s usual, everyday food — the last thing you want to deal with during an emergency is your doggie’s upset stomach. It’s also important to keep a two-week supply of your pet’s medicines on-hand. Store the supplies in a watertight and pest-proof container and place it in an easily accessible location. Check on the supplies twice a year when you change your clocks for daylight saving time to keep your pet’s food and medicine fresh.

If you are told to stay in your home, keep your pets with you at all times. That way if you have to suddenly evacuate, you won’t have to spend precious time trying to locate them under the bed.

What should I do if we have to evacuate?

The best thing for your pets is to bring them with you every time you evacuate. Even if you are only planning to be gone for a few hours, emergency conditions can prevent you from returning for days or weeks. Prepare an evacuation kit that includes your pet food and water stockpile. Don’t forget to bring food and water bowls, along with garbage bags for clean-up. Pack a few photos of your pets in case you become separated and need help locating them.

Bring a separate cage for each pet. When animals are stressed or scared, they can become aggressive toward each other, even when they are usually the best of friends. For smaller pets, consider a collapsible cage, as it will be easier to handle when it’s not being used.

Certain types of pets require additional items. If you have a cat, try this trick: Instead of lugging around your cat’s litter box, pack an aluminum roasting pan. It is

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