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SEAT 250BVX is equipped with a universal manipulator. If the keyboard does not pass the test properly, turn the keypad of a "click" on the right or left. Invoke the keyboard test again to make sure that the correct configuration.

6.2.5 Algorithm for reading code from car / navi RCD310, 250BVX, RCD510

Functional diagram:

  • 1.

    Remove the radio metal shields

  • 2.

    Connect the Expander signals from the radio plate according to the diagram for the radio / navigation

  • 3.

    Assemble the radio in a way that ensures the proper functioning of the device.

  • 4.

    Connect 12V power supply, turn it on

  • 5.

    Run the application on CLIP

  • 6.

    Perform Backup EEprom memory, additionally will be checked the connection of EEPROM memory

  • 7.

    Perform Keyboard Test, additionally will be checked the keyboard connection

  • 8.

    Invoke the Find Code - Slow Mode. Be sure to follow the instructions indicated on the CLIP

LCD. If required to turn off the radio for 10 seconds, disconnect the power from the radio this time, then reconnect power, but do not turn on the radio. 9. Start the process in auto mode, the radio / navigation LCD display will be blinking - this is normal. In this way, first two digits of code will be calculated to narrow the search to a maximum of 100 trials.

Search process will start.

If it happens that the search process ends at the first attempt (and the code will be wrong for example 0499, 1099, 1899), restore the state of the radio / navigation to SAFE0, disconnect power for 1 minute and follow from step No. 7

If you need to interrupt the process of Slow Mode, hold down the Exit button for about 5 seconds. Interrupting the action of the program in any other way may damage the contents of EEPROM.

Finding code is signaled by an appropriate message on the LCD CLIP. Write down the code, disconnect the power supply, desolder expander cables from the radio.

Process Completed.

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