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MARTECH RCD PRO 6.6.3 Algorithm for code reading from Navi Dresden

Functional diagram:

  • 1.

    Remove the radio metal shields

  • 2.

    Connect the Expander signals from the radio plate according to the diagram for the radio / navigation. Run RCDPRO_TechniSat application.

  • 3.

    Desolder 24c32 memory, located on radio PCB Or lift up pin 7, then connect it to pin 8 of eeprom.

  • 4.

    Perform Keyboard Test, additionally will be checked the keyboard connection

  • 5.

    Program will ask for confirmation, choose „YES”

If the test is successful, the Clip will display a series of numbers, ie: 0,5,9,2, OK - DONE and you should see these numbers being automatically selected and entered onto the radio display at the same time. However, if the Clip displays the same numbers above, but nothing happens on he radio, or you see the blank code entry square moving across the radio screen, then the test has been unsuccessful.

If all has failed, then you will need to recheck the solder connections that you have made between the Expander and the radio 6. Now you must disconnect radio power supply for 10 seconds, then connect it back but don’t turn on. Radio must be turned off. 7. Choose function Find Code – Slow Mode

It is the function of retrieving the radio code according to the parameters by the user. There we have the possibility of search settings in manual mode.

User manual


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