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family liturgy

Family Prayer Service For Pentecost

Pentecost Sunday (May 11, 2008)

Do I

pray to the

Holy Spirit


  • 1.

    Family sits around the family altar and start with an appropriate hymn, e.g. “All over the world the Spirit is moving”.

  • 2.

    A brief period of silence (2-3 mins)

  • 3.

    Member reads the Gospel text: (John 20: 19-23) twice

  • 4.

    Parent reads the following input slowly and clearly:

Who does not need advice at some time or other in life? A career, a vocation, finance, health, friendships, works all offer problems, and all give rise to the need for advice. The Holy Spirit offers us the gift of counsel.

Too often we mistakenly think that the Holy Spirit's gift is limited to things of the spirit, to religious matters, when really His advice extends into every other field where the human heart and mind may have to make a decision.

field. Later they consulted with Joan. She presented her plan for the attack, which differed decidedly from that of the generals. When they expressed their surprise and distrust of her plan, she declared: “You have taken your counsel, I have mine.”

Hers was from the Holy Spirit to whom she had prayed for guidance and leadership. With her plan, inspired by the Holy Spirit, France went on to win one victory after another.

  • 5.

    Spend a few moments in silent reflection

  • 6.

    Question for discussion for the family members:

    • -

      Do I pray to the Holy Spirit seeking counsel in my day to day life?

  • 7.

    Sharing: Parents begin the sharing and all members are invited

There comes to mind, as an instance, the story of St. Joan of Arc. Miraculously she was called to the aid of her country in time of war. She was just an unlettered country girl, absolutely ignorant of military matters. At one point in the campaign, a critical decision had to be made. Everything depended upon taking the right course of action.

8. I n t e r c e s s i o n s ( m e m b e r s spontaneous pray for different needs and ask for guidance). Reponse: “Come, Holy Spirit and enlighten our family.”

9. Concluding prayer: Father, as your Holy Spirit guides us and your loving care keeps us safe, be close to our family, Strengthen and protect us always. Amen.

The generals put their heads together and planned the campaign in the light of what they had learned from books and from experience in the

10. Family holds hands and sing the Concluding hymn: - “We are one in the Spirit”. – Fr. Fitzgerald Fernandes


in my

day to day


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