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available, SeaPort can go back to the 121 carriers they have had preliminary discussions with and work out an interline agreement,.

Walter Sherman asked about the previously referenced GES system. Craford noted that this is a travel agent tool. Sherman asked whether SeaPort tickets are available at travel agencies. Craford reported that SeaPort is available now for booking through most travel agencies, but not online agencies because they require e-ticketing ability. Sherman asked about the frequency of the SeaPort magazine, and the advertising rates. Craford reported that it is a quarterly publication and that the News-Times sells ads and keeps the revenue. He also noted that the marketing costs do not include the magazine. Sherman reported that he has not seen anything in the meeting notes pertaining to the letter that SeaPort sent to the Consortium. Bain reported that the matter will be discussed at the next meeting. Sherman stated that he thinks there are ten operations daily to Newport and Astoria. Craford responded that there are 36 operations daily in the total contiguous map.

Steve Schuster reported that there are two air carriers using the Pilatus. He reported that there was a mechanical problem with a SeaPort airplane in Newport last week, and that one passenger had to pay $200 in change fees and spend the night. He added that if SeaPort had a code share arrangement, the passenger would not have been impacted in that manner. Craford reported that three or four other carriers are using the Pilatus in the United States, and there are more in Canada. Schuster reported that Southwest does not need interline agreements due to its size.

Mike Schulz asked whether SeaPort operates any unsubsidized routes outside Alaska and Seattle, and Craford reported that it does not. Schulz asked whether SeaPort has asked the state for help in negotiating the interline agreement. Craford responded that this has not happened yet, but that the state and the Port of Portland are waiting to assist. He added that it is simply a matter of technologically getting where SeaPort needs to be with the reservations platform in place.

Fawn Custer, Lewis Ross, Colin Owen, Tina Brush, and Maxine Demory spoke in support of SeaPort’s service.


Consider a bid protest from Henderson Land Services, LLC on the Notice of Intent to Award the Nye Creek Bio-filtration Supplemental Environmental Project. Voetberg explained that he had reviewed the bid protest from Henderson Land Services, LLC, and recommends that the protest be considered by the City Council.

Kilbride asked whether staff could resolve the matter. It was noted that the decision is a Council responsibility. Both bidders were available for comment. A discussion ensued regarding the process that ensues when bids arrive. It was explained that Henderson Land Services, LLC did not return the entire bid document with their bid, rather returning only the actionable pages

A representative from Anderson Earth, Inc. reported that two of the three bids contained all the contract documents, so the city concluded that the bid from Henderson Land Services, LLC was nonresponsive. He added that if all three bidders had submitted only the actionable pages, he would understand the city manager’s decision. He urged Council to support the intent to award, and award the contract to Anderson Earth, Inc.

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