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Land Rover HomeLink®

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    Using both hands, push the hand-held transmitter button and the desired button on the HomeLink® Transmitter. Continue to press both buttons through step 5.

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    Hold down both buttons until you see the amber light on the Land Rover HomeLink® Transmitter flash, first slowly and then rapidly. It indicates that you have successfully programmed the HomeLink® Transmitter to learn the new frequency signal. Release both buttons once the rapid flashing begins.

Operating the Land Rover HomeLink® Transmitter Once it is programmed, the HomeLink® Transmitter can be used in place of your hand-held transmitter(s). To operate, simply press the appropriate button on the HomeLink® Transmitter. The amber light comes on while the signal is being transmitted.

NOTE: If your hand-held transmitter appears to program the HomeLink® Transmitter, but does not open your garage door and, if your garage door was manufactured after 1995, your garage door opener may have a ‘code protected’ or ‘rolling code’ feature.

A ‘rolling code’ type of system will change the ‘code’ of your garage door opener every time you open or close your garage door.

To determine if you have one of these systems, depress the button on your HomeLink® Transmitter that you programmed. If the amber light on the HomeLink® Transmitter flashes rapidly for 1-2 seconds, then turns solid, your garage door opener has a rolling code system.

Training a garage door opener equipped with rolling codesTo train your ’rolling code’ garage door opener to operate from your HomeLink® Transmitter, follow these steps:

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    Program your hand-held transmitter to the HomeLink® Transmitter by following the procedures outlined in ‘Programming’, page 107 (if you already completed this programming, proceed to the next instruction).

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    Train your garage door opener receiver to recognize your HomeLink® Transmitter: (your garage door opener receiver will learn to recognize the HomeLink® Transmitter by following the same process used to train the hand-held transmitter)

    • a)

      Remove the cover panel from your garage door opener receiver (the receiver should be located by the garage door motor).

    • b)

      Locate the training button on the garage door opener receiver. The exact location and color of the button may vary by garage door opener brand. If you have difficulty locating the training button, reference

your garage door opener manual, or call 1-800-355-3515.

c) Press the training button on the garage door opener receiver for 1-2 seconds.

d) Return to the HomeLink® Transmitter in the vehicle and depress the programmed HomeLink® Transmitter button for the duration of the rapid flash of the HomeLink®’ amber light, (1-2 seconds). Release the button and depress the button to confirm that the HomeLink® Transmitter has been trained to the receiver.


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