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Starting & Driving

Driving & Operating S t a r t i n g & D r i v i n g S T E E R I N G C O L U M N L O C K

STARTER SWITCH The starter switch is located to the right of the steering column, and uses the following sequence of key positions to operate the steering lock, electrical circuits and starter motor:

Position ‘0’

  • Steering locked (if key is removed).

  • Most lighting circuits are operational, including: sidelights, headlights and hazard warning lights.


To unlock the steering column Insert the key FULLY and turn the starter switch to position ‘I’. A small movement of the steering wheel may be necessary to disengage the steering lock while turning the switch.

To lock the steering column With the gear selector in ‘P’ (Park), turn the key to position 0and withdraw it from the starter switch. Turn the steering wheel slightly until the lock engages.


To prevent loss of steering control, do not under any circumstances turn the key to the 'O' position while the vehicle is moving. To prevent the steering column lock engaging it is most important that, before the vehicle is moved in any way, the key be inserted in the lock and turned to position 'I'. If, due to an accident or electrical fault, it is not safe to turn the key, disconnect the negative lead of the battery and then turn the key.

Position ‘I’

  • Steering unlocked.

  • Clock, radio/cassette player and cigar lighter

can now be operated. Position ‘II’

  • All instruments, warning lights and

electrical circuits are operational. Position ‘III’

  • Starter motor operates. Release the key immediately the engine starts (the key will automatically return to position ‘II’). Note that operation of position ‘I’ electrical functions will be interrupted during engine cranking.

NOTE: On automatic models gear selector position ‘P’ or ‘N’ must be selected before the engine will start.

NOTE: Gear selector position ‘P’ must be selected before the starter key can be removed.


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