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Starting & Driving



Vehicle stability

Your vehicle has a higher ground clearance and, hence, a higher center of gravity than ordinary passenger cars to enable the vehicle to perform in a wide variety of different off-road applications. An advantage of the higher ground clearance is a better view of the road, allowing the driver to more easily anticipate problems. Inexperienced drivers should take additional care, remembering that the Discovery is not designed for cornering at the same speeds as conventional passenger cars, any more than a low slung sports car is designed to perform satisfactorily in off-road conditions. As with other vehicles of this type, failure to operate the Discovery correctly may result in loss of control or even vehicle rollover.

Vehicle height

The overall height of your vehicle exceeds that of ordinary passenger cars (for convenience the height is shown on the underside of the sun visor). Always be aware of the height of your vehicle and check the available headroom before driving through low entrances. This is particularly important if the vehicle is fitted with a roof rack or if a sunroof is open.

Instruments and warning lights Before driving, it is important to fully understand the function of the instruments and warning lights (see ‘WARNING LIGHTS’, page 67).

NOTE: Red warning lights are of particular importance, illumination indicating that a fault exists. If a red light illuminates, always stop the vehicle and seek qualified assistance before continuing.

Warming-up In the interests of fuel economy, it is advisable to drive the vehicle straight away, remembering that harsh acceleration or laboring the engine before the normal operating temperature has been reached can damage the engine.

When the engine is cold, engine idle speeds will be faster than normal. Under these circumstances, use the foot brake to control the vehicle until the engine is warm and running at normal speed, and be aware of the need to take additional care when manoeuvring the vehicle.

Before driving

Learn the layout and function of all the instruments, warning lights and controls.

Adjust the seat to a comfortable driving position from which you can ensure full control of the vehicle.

Always start the vehicle and operate the controls from the driving position.


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