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Catalytic Converter

C a t a l y t i c C o n v e r t e r The exhaust system incorporates a catalytic converter, which converts poisonous exhaust emissions from the engine into environmentally less harmful gases. C A T A L Y T I C C O N V E R T E R

CAUTION: Catalytic converters can be easily damaged through improper use, particularly if the wrong fuel is used, or if an engine misfire occurs. For this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT that you heed the precautions which follow.

Fuel ONLY use fuel recommended for your vehicle,see ‘ENGINES’, page 241.

Misfire A misfire can cause an engine to run rough or skip for more than just a few seconds. If a misfire is suspected, there is a risk of catalyst damage; consult a Land Rover retailer for assistance.

Starting the engine

  • DO NOT continue to operate the starter after a few failed attempts (unburnt fuel may be drawn into the exhaust system, thereby poisoning the catalyst) - seek qualified assistance.

  • Do not attempt to push or tow-start the vehicle.


  • If a misfire is suspected, the ‘SERVICE ENGINE SOON’ warning light is flashing, or the vehicle lacks power while driving, avoid high speeds and seek immediate assistance from your Land Rover retailer.

  • NEVER allow the vehicle to run out of fuel (the resultant misfire could damage the catalyst).

  • Engines burning excessive oil (e.g. 1 quart every 750 miles) will progressively reduce catalyst efficiency. In extreme cases, blue smoke may be emitted from the exhaust.

  • On rough terrain, do not allow the underside of the vehicle to be subjected to heavy impacts which could damage the catalytic converter.

  • DO NOT overload or excessively ‘rev’ the engine.

  • DO NOT switch off the engine when the vehicle is in motion with a drive gear selected.


Exhaust system temperatures can be extremely high - DO NOT park on ground where combustible materials such as dry grass or leaves could come into contact with the exhaust system - in dry weather a fire could result.


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