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Fuel Filling



  • Unleaded fuel is essential for proper operation of the emission control system.

DO NOT use leaded fuel! Your engine is designed to use unleaded fuel ONLY.

  • Even a very small quantity of leaded fuel will damage your vehicle's emission control system and could invalidate the emissions warranty. In addition, leaded fuel will damage the oxygen sensors in the fuel injection system and also seriously damage the catalyst in the catalytic converter.

Fuel system cleaning agents should be avoided, as many of these products can be harmful to gaskets and other materials used in fuel system components.

Octane requirements Premium unleaded gasoline with a CLC or AKI octane rating of 90 or 92 (95 or 96 RON) should be used.

NOTE: Federal law requires that gasoline octane ratings be posted on the pumps. The Cost of Living Council (CLC) octane rating or Anti Knock Index (AKI) octane rating shown is an average of Research Octane Number (RON) and Motor Octane Number (MON).

Using unleaded fuel with an octane rating lower than that recommended can cause persistent, heavy ‘engine knock’ (a metallic rapping noise). If severe, this can lead to engine damage.

If heavy engine knock is detected when using the recommended octane rated fuel, or if steady engine knocking is present while maintaining a steady speed on level roads, contact your retailer for advice.

NOTE: An occasional, light, engine knock while accelerating or climbing hills is acceptable.

Octane enhancers The use of octane enhancers is not recommended, and may invalidate the vehicle warranty.

NOTE: Reformulated gasolines and gasolines that contain detergents, anti-corrosion and stability additives are recommended - they will help your vehicle maintain the correct level of emissions and engine performance.

Driveability If you encounter driveability, starting and stalling problems, especially in high ambient temperatures or at high altitude when the engine is cold, it may be caused by poor quality fuel. Try an alternative brand, and if the problem persists, seek advice from your retailer.

Gasoline/oxygenated fuel blends To avoid invalidating the vehicle warranty, use ONLY fuels blended within the following limits:

  • Up to 15% of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) and unleaded fuel mix.

  • Up to 15% of Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (ETBE) and unleaded fuel mix.

  • Up to 10% of Ethanol (Ethyl or grain alcohol) and unleaded fuel mix.

Methanol/unleaded fuel blends In some areas, it is possible to buy unleaded fuel that is blended with up to 5% Methanol (Methyl or wood alcohol) and cosolvents and corrosion preventatives. Using these blends can cause driveability problems and damage to the fuel system components. Their use may also invalidate the vehicle warranty. WHEREVER POSSIBLE, AVOID USING FUEL CONTAINING METHANOL!


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