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Automatic Transmission

A u t o m a t i c T r a n s m i s s i o n G E A R S E L E C T O R



The Automatic transmission features a four speed main gearbox with a torque converter and a two speed transfer box. Using the main gearbox in conjunction with the transfer gearing produces eight forward and two reverse speeds.

Main gearbox selector lever A spring loaded catch restricts movement of the lever, thereby preventing inadvertent gear selection. Press and hold the trigger mounted in the handle of the selector lever (arrowed in illustration) to release the catch whilst moving the lever to the required position.

NOTE: Gear selection between ‘D’ and ‘3’ in high and low range may be made without operating the trigger.

Selector lever positions

  • PPark

In this position, the transmission is locked to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.

Select ONLY when the vehicle is stationary and with the handbrake applied.

  • RReverse

Select ONLY when the vehicle is stationary.

  • NNeutral

Use this position when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is to idle for a short period (at traffic lights, for example).

  • DDrive

In high range, select for all normal driving on good road surfaces; fully automatic gear changing occurs on all four forward gears according to vehicle speed and accelerator position.

  • 3(1st, 2nd and 3rd gears) Automatic gear changing is limited to first, second and third gears only. In high range, use this position in congested traffic conditions and for town driving.

  • 2(1st and 2nd gears) Automatic gear changing is limited to first and second ratios only. In high range, use when driving up steep gradients and for negotiating very narrow, twisting, roads. This position also provides moderate engine braking for descending slopes.

  • 1(1st gear only) Use on very severe gradients, particularly when towing, and when maximum engine braking is required.


To reduce the risk of inadvertent vehicle movement when parked, always leave the vehicle with the gear selector in ‘P’ (Park) position, as well as applying the handbrake.


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