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Transfer Gearbox

USING THE TRANSFER GEARBOX There are two ways of operating the transfer gearbox lever:

  • 1.

    ‘Statically’, i.e shifting whilst the vehicle is stationary.

  • 2.

    ‘Shift on the move’, this is the recommended method, which after a little practice, can be carried out smoothly and quickly.

Staticmethod With the vehicle stationary and the engine running, apply the foot brake and then move the automatic gearbox selector to the ‘N’ (neutral) position.Then move the transfer lever fully forward or backwards to the required position. If there is a resistance to the gear disengaging, do not force the lever. Instead, move the automatic gearbox selector to the ‘R’ (reverse) position for 2 seconds and then return to the ‘N’ (neutral) position and then try range change again. If there is resistance to the gear engaging, (from the neutral position to the either high or low), do not force the lever. Instead:

  • 1.

    Apply handbrake.

  • 2.

    With the automatic gearbox still in ‘N’ (neutral), momentarily rev the engine whilst applying pressure to the transfer box lever to engage gear.

  • 3.

    Select appropriate main gearbox gear to pull away.

Shift on the movemethod With the vehicle driving forwards, reduce (or increase) the speed of the vehicle to 5 mph (8 km/h), then:

  • 1.

    Release the accelerator and select auto gearbox ‘N’.

  • 2.

    As the vehicle reaches walking pace, move the transfer lever to the required ‘H’ or ‘L’ position. (Use positive and confident moves, but do not rush the gear change).

3. Finally, reselect appropriate gear with the main gear selector and continue driving as normal.


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