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Self-levelling Suspension

S e l f - l e v e l l i n g S u s p e n s i o n S When the engine is running, the self-levelling suspension system (SLS) operates automatically on the rear of the vehicle to maintain a level or efficient vehicle height regardless of vehicle load. E L F - L E V E L L I N G S U S P E N S I O N *

AUTOMATIC OPERATION If the height of the vehicle is reduced by additional loading (passengers occupying the occasional rear seats or the attachment of a trailer, for example), the SLS system automatically increases air pressure to the springs to compensate for the additional weight or changed attitude of the vehicle. Similarly, if loads are removed and the vehicle height increases in consequence, the system will reduce air pressure to bring the vehicle back to a level attitude.

Extended mode Off-road, if the vehicle becomes grounded and traction control is induced, the SLS system automatically pumps more air to the rear springs to raise the body clear of the obstruction, thereby enabling the vehicle to be freed. This is known as 'Extended mode' and will cause the off-road warning light to flash. Once forward motion is regained, the suspension height will automatically return to its previous setting and the warning light will extinguish.

MANUAL OPERATION The SLS system can also be manually controlled to either:

  • Raise the rear of the vehicle by 40 mm (approx.) to increase ground clearance and improve the departure angle for off-road driving. Note that this function operates ONLY below a speed of 18 mph (30 km/h) - above this speed, the vehicle will automatically return to its standard ride height.

  • Lower the vehicle in order to ease loading, or to enable various heights of trailer hitch to be connected more easily. The SLS system will assume automatic control - adjusting the height of the vehicle 10 seconds after a road speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) is reached, or immediately once a road speed of 7 mph (12 km/h) has been achieved. This feature can only be used in conjunction with the remote suspension control handset. Consult your Land Rover retailer for further information.


DO NOT operate the SLS while driving on the road, or when the suspension has been manually lowered below standard ride height

  • -

    any sudden or unexpected change to the

vehicle's height or attitude could cause an inexperienced driver to lose control, or disturb the load/weight distribution within the vehicle.

DO NOT select off-road height while towing.


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