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Self-levelling Suspension

To manually raise the suspension

To manually lower the suspension



With the engine running and all doors fully closed, press the facia-mounted off-road mode switch (see illustration). A single warning chime will sound, the off-road warning light on the instrument panel will commence flashing and the rear of the vehicle will start to rise. Once the pre-set off-road height has been reached, the warning light will stop flashing and illuminate constantly instead. Constant illumination will remain while the vehicle is operating at off-road height.

To lower the suspension you will need a remote suspension control (handset) - see illustration.

With the vehicle stationary at standard ride height, and the starter switch turned to position ‘II’, press and hold the ‘DOWN’ button to lower the vehicle. Release the button when the desired height has been reached. The SLS warning light on the instrument panel will flash and a warning chime will sound continually while the vehicle is lowering.

To return the vehicle to standard ride height, press the off-road mode switch a second time. Note that a single chime will sound and the warning light will flash while the rear suspension is lowered.

NOTE: If axle displacement is excessive, selection of the off-road height setting may be prohibited. In this case three warning chimes will sound.

To return the vehicle to its standard ride height, press and hold the ‘UP’ button on the handset. Again the warning light flashes (and chime sounds) while the vehicle is rising. All suspension movement and warning light activity ceases once the vehicle has returned to standard ride height.

NOTE: The SLS system will not operate while a door is open.

NOTE: If changes to or from off-road height are prohibited (e.g. door open) the chime will sound three times.

NOTE: At high altitude the system will take significantly longer to raise the vehicle.


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