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Self-levelling Suspension

NOTE: If this feature is subjected to excessive use, the system will automatically disable to prevent components from overheating. The system has a cumulative total of three minutes operation at any one time. If this is exceeded the system will close down (partial operation will return after a few minutes).


Off-road - AMBER Illuminates briefly as a bulb and system check when the starter switch is turned to position ‘II’ and then extinguishes.

Remote SLS handset If your vehicle is equipped with SLS, the remote SLS handset is available as an accessory from a Land Rover retailer.

Battery replacement is similar to the equivalent process for the handset key (see ‘REMOTE HANDSET BATTERY’, page 36). Battery specification is identical.

If the off-road switch is pressed: The light flashes while the rear of the vehicle is either; rising to off-road height, or returning to standard ride height. The light then illuminates constantly while the suspension remains at off-road height.

In addition, the light will flash while Extended mode is induced.


Note that the handset will operate effectively from inside the vehicle. It is therefore important to keep it out of reach of children at all times, and especially while towing. When operating the handset from inside the passenger compartment for the purpose of lowering the vehicle to attach a trailer, ensure that the underside of the vehicle has been checked for obstructions before lowering, and that a responsible adult has been posted outside the vehicle to supervise the lowering process.

Sell-levelling suspension - AMBER Illuminates briefly as a bulb and system check when the starter switch is turned to position ‘II’ and then extinguishes.

If the remote handset is operated: The light flashes continually while the rear of the vehicle is being lowered, or raised.

If the light illuminates constantly: A fault with the suspension is indicated. Seek qualified assistance as soon as possible.

While it is possible to continue driving the vehicle in this condition, this is not recommended as there is a considerable risk of causing further damage to the suspension. Preferably, the vehicle should be brought to a halt as soon as conditions allow. Further travel should be limited to reaching the nearest Land Rover retailer, or driving to a place of safety while awaiting recovery. In any event, speed must be restricted to a rate that will guarantee a smooth, and totally bump-free, ride at all times, ideally traversing only smooth, roads.


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