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Park Distance Control

P a r k D i s t a n c e C o n t r o l U S I N G T H E P A R K D I S T A N C E C O N T R O L


The park distance control is not infallible; it is for guidance only! The sensors may not be able to detect certain types of obstruction (narrow posts or small narrow objects, small objects close to the ground and some objects with dark, non-reflective surfaces, for example).

Activating park distance control The park distance control is automatically activated whenever reverse gear (‘R’) is engaged. When the starter switch is turned on, the indicator light in the switch illuminates and a short tone sounds after one second as confirmation.



The parking system assists the driver when manoeuvring the vehicle into a parking space, or anywhere that there are obstacles that need to be avoided, warning the driver accordingly.

The vehicle is fitted with four ultrasonic sensors on its rear bumper.

The range of the two outer sensors is approximately 2ft (0.6 m); the two inner sensors have a range of approximately 6 ft 6 in. (2 m).

Park distance control can also be manually selected by pressing the switch on the left-hand set of binnacle switches (the indicator light in the switch illuminates and a short tone sounds as confirmation). A second press of the switch de-activates the system.

If a long, high pitched tone sounds and the switch indicator light flashes when park distance control is activated, a fault in the system has been detected - contact your retailer for assistance.


Keep the sensors free from dirt, ice and snow. If deposits build up on the surface of the sensors, their performance may be impaired. When washing the vehicle, avoid aiming high pressure jets directly at the sensors from close range.

Park distance control in operation The distance from an obstruction is identified by an intermittent tone sounding. As the vehicle moves closer to an obstruction, the frequency of the tone increases proportionally.

When the distance between the sensor and the obstruction is less than approximately 1 ft (0,4 m), the tone becomes continuous.


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