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Tire pressures:

Increase rear pressures of towing vehicle by at least 3 lbf/in2 (0.2 bar) up to maximum of 46 lbf/in2 (3.2 bar). Ensure that trailer tires are at recommended pressures.


Keep trailer loads securely anchored, evenly distributed and as low as possible with heavy loads over the axle. Towing vehicle maximum axle weights and gross vehicle weight must not be exceeded.

Tongue weight:

Must be minimum of 7% of gross trailer weight up to maximum of 550 lb (250 kg) - see vehicle/trailer/tow hitch chart in ‘Technical Data’.

Hitch height:

Must be set so that caravan/trailer is level when connected to the tow vehicle with engine running.


Vehicle weights When loading a vehicle to its maximum (GVW), take account of the load distribution to ensure that axle loads do not exceed the permitted maximum values. It is your responsibility to limit the vehicle load in such a way that neither the maximum axle loads nor the GVW are exceeded. The most accurate method of determining load distribution is by using a public weighbridge.

Tongue weight should be approximately 7% of the actual trailer laden weight to maintain optimum stability. Tongue weight can be measured using a proprietary brand of tongue weight indicator.

Automatic gearbox To avoid overheating the gearbox, it is not advisable to tow heavy trailer loads at speeds of less than 20 mph (32 km/h) using the main gearbox in high range. Use the transfer gearbox to select low range instead.

Towing on severe inclines If a journey includes severe inclines and the Gross Train Weight (the maximum permissible weight of vehicle, plus trailer, see ‘TOWING WEIGHT’, page 221) is towed, ensure that the grille and radiator are free from obstruction and that only high quality fuel is used. This enables the engine and the cooling system to operate more efficiently.

NOTE: Above 1,000 ft (300 metres) the effects of altitude can adversely affect engine performance and also cause overheating.

Correct gear selection will improve vehicle performance: On vehicles with manual transmission, select the highest practical gear that can be maintained without causing the engine to labour. On vehicles fitted with automatic transmission, select ‘D’ (Drive) and, where possible, maintain a speed that minimises automatic gear changes.

If severe inclines are encountered when towing at high altitude and in a high ambient temperature 86°F (30°C) or greater), the effective Gross Train Weight will be reduced by up to 882 lb (400 kg). Therefore, it may be necessary to reduce the vehicle and/or trailer weight to help counter the reduced engine performance caused by the thinner atmosphere experienced at high altitudes.


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