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Off-Road Driving

Loss of traction If the vehicle is immobilised due to loss of tire grip, the following hints could be of value:

  • Avoid prolonged wheel spin; this will only make matters worse.

  • Remove obstacles rather than forcing the vehicle to cross them.

  • Clear clogged tire treads.

  • Reverse as far as possible, then attempt an increased speed approach - additional momentum may overcome the obstacle.

  • Brushwood, sacking or any similar material placed in front of the tires may improve tire grip.

CD Autochanger Playing CDs while negotiating arduous off-road terrain is not recommended. Severe jolting of the vehicle may disturb the operation of the autochanger, causing the disc to ‘jump’ or ‘skip’.



Before rejoining the public highway, or driving at speeds above 25 mph (40 km/h), consideration should be given to the following:

  • Wheels and tires must be cleaned of mud and inspected for damage - ensure that there are no lumps or bulges in the tires or exposure of the ply or cord structure.

  • If wheels and tires are not cleaned properly, damage to the wheels, tires, braking system and suspension components could occur.

  • Brake discs and callipers should be examined and any stones or grit that may affect braking efficiency removed.

  • The underside of the vehicle should be checked for damage, especially the suspension air springs and dampers.

  • Any damage to paint or protective coatings, should be rectified by a Land Rover retailer as soon as possible.

If you have any doubt whether the vehicle has been damaged, have the vehicle inspected by a Land Rover retailer.

SERVICING REQUIREMENTS Vehicles operated in arduous conditions, particularly on dusty, muddy or wet terrain, and vehicles undergoing frequent or deep wading conditions will require more frequent servicing. See ‘OWNER MAINTENANCE’, page 176 and contact a Land Rover retailer for advice.

After wading in salt water or driving on sandy beaches, use a hose to wash the underbody components and any exposed body panels with fresh water. This will help to protect the vehicle's cosmetic appearance and help prevent corrosion.


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